SWAT is a voluntary environmental group made up of people from all over Stewarton. It began in March 2004, after some initial work by East Ayrshire Woodlands and Lainshaw Residents Association identified the need and the opportunity.


Although the name includes "Woodlands", the group has an interest in preserving and maintaining all the natural sites throughout Stewarton, including rivers and riverbanks, meadows and open ground, and all the flora and fauna that are part of them.


The group's aims are to improve and regenerate the natural environment of Stewarton. This will have the effect of making the town a more attractive place to live or to visit, and also improve opportunities for people to make use of and enjoy the countryside for leisure and exercise. The improvement of natural habitats to encourage native wildlife and bio-diversity, and the availability of the habitats as an educational resource, will be important for present and future generations.

Already, SWAT have developed a strategy for a sustainable network of linked paths around Stewarton. This will be accessible by all abilities and will form safe routes to school, for shopping, for dog-walking, cycling and for getting around the town. The rural hinterland of Stewarton is ripe for the creation of an outer loop made of linked paths suitable for multi-use, including horse riders, and those wishing to travel further afield on foot or bicycle.

SWAT are delighted to know that they have the support of so much of the local community. An Open Meeting on 8th February attracted a good turnout of people from the town, as well as those with a business or professional connection with the environment, and the positive feedback showed great backing for SWAT's proposals


The committee meets at least once a month, frequency of meetings depends on current activities. Anyone local to the area who would like to get involvevd is welcome to contact Ann on 01560 485990 or by e-mail - wiskids@talktalk.net


The office bearers are:

Chair - David MacKenzie. Vice Chair - Hugh Carty. Treasurer - David Ritson.
Secretary - Alice Wallace. Publicity - Susan Williamson

The committee, in addition are:

Martin Picken, Eileen Adam, Jean McNulty, Joan Ingram and Liz Mackie.


Picture by Lauren Mackay, Nether Robertland PS