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Message No 60

Posted by Mark Dootson

9th Dec 2006

Regrettably due to the amount automated postings (spam) being submitted to this message board it has become necessary to close this facility, We are currently receiving over 150 submissions a day and it is becoming increasingly time consuming filtering out the genuine postings.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this causes, hopefully we will have a new facility in the new year. 

Mark Dootson - Host


Message No 59

Posted by Liz Bilson

19th Nov 2006

My husband's grandmother was Mary Laurie b.1882 in Stewarton. Her two brothers are on the war memorial and roll of honour even though they were living in Leicester. Their parents Robert and Roseanna left Stewarton sometime in the early 1900s. Can anyone tell me if there were problems in the bonnet making industry at this time or if there were any connections between Stewarton and Leicester? Thanks. Liz


Message No 58

Posted by Cliff Davies

17th Nov 2006

I recently found a piece of old headed notepaper. Printed at the top was: Dunlop House, Dunlop, Ayrshire on the right and Stations: Stewarton and Dunlop, Telephone Stewarton 1, Telegrams: Stewarton on the left. Between the two is a family crest which I believe is for the Henderson family of The Anchor Line Fame. Under the 'History' tab of there is an article that states that a company named Boyd received the coveted number 1.Stewarton. Can anyone tell me which came first? also during what period the Henderson's occupied Dunlop house? and would there be any possible connection with Robert Lious Stevenson. Any help would be appreciated.

Cliff Davies.


Message No 57

Posted by Mr Welshman

15th Nov 2006

Looking for an old friend, Sharon Jones. Moved back up to Stewarton from the green grass of Wales back in 2001.Have not spoken for 3 years. Want to know "how are you"? Please post a reply on this board, or someone who does know. Thank You


Message No 56

Posted by Janet Houstoun

14th Nov 2006

The Potters House Christian Fellowship, meet in the Scout Hall on a Sunday morning at 11a.m. We have just started a youth group for young people from 11-18 on a Sunday evening from 6p.m to 7.30p.m. We have arts and crafts, games, tuckshop, music and a short God Spot. This is somewhere the young people can come along to and get off the street. I do also think there is no facilities for the young people in the town and there needs to be a sports centre, skateboard park or swimming pool. I think the developers should be compelled to pay towards the Community facilities as they are benefitting from the area, bringingmore families and young people to the town but contributing nothing. Janet


Message No 55

Posted by Gerry McGever

11th Nov 2006

To all out there - Our Scout Group needs you !! We have the biggest Scout Group in Ayrshire East and we desperately need LEADERS - Men and Women to help us continue our work - especially with the Scout section - aged 10 - 14 years for 2 hours a week. Please help us - they are Your Scouts and Our Young people. Contact Gerry McGeever, Group Scout Leader, my number is in the Advertiser. Thank you.


Message No 54

Posted by Scott Ferguson

10th Nov 2006

I recently heard a family story that my great-grandfather, Andrew Ferguson (son of Alexander Ferguson and Jean Currie) left Stewarton for Canada in somewhat of a hurry in the 1860s. I don't know what the circumstances were and would be interested in finding out. Are there any newspapers or court records for Stewarton from that period that would be accessible? Also, the story also claims that he ship he was supposed to take sank without him on it. The family did not learn of his survival until much later. Again, is there a newspaper that might contain information? Thanks from the US - Scott


Message No 53

Posted by Anonymous

29th Oct 2006

The girls in the Stewarton Somerfield are gorgeous


Message No 52

Posted by Old Friend

28th Oct 2006

Hello, has anyone heard of Katherine Miller? If so could you post a message on this board? Miss our girly chats. V


Message No 51

Posted by Tina Fitzgerald (nee Stubbington)

8th Oct 2006

Hi to all I moved from stewarton in 83 to live in Kent and would love to hear from old friends. Coming up next week to visit graves and shoot the breeze and of course hit the shops.


Message No 50

Posted by Vincent Balfe

8th Oct 2006

Hello, I would like to get in touch with someone from Stewarton Annick FC in connection with their participation this year in the Schwans USA Cup Under 17 football tournament in Minneapolis USA. I am from a football club named Blessington FC in County Wicklow, Ireland, and we are considering taking part in this tournament next July, and so would like to hear about your club's experience this year. Many thanks in advance!


Message No 49

Posted by Anonymous

8th Oct 2006

Looking for an old friend, Sharon Jones. Moved back up to Stewarton from the green grass of Wales back in 2001.Have not spoken for 3 years. Want to know "how are you"? Please post a reply on this board, or someone who does know. Thank You


Message No 48

Posted by Vicky Cairncross

4th Oct 2006

Hi there, We've been in Stewarton for just over a year - we're renovating a lovely old house that used to be a local nursing home here, "The Flush" on Old Glasgow Road. It has been extensively modified in the last fifty years, and we're very keen to find out what the original structure was (and particularly if there was ever a main stairway connecting the ground and first floors). It's probably before anyone's time, but maybe worth an ask! In any event, even if you don't know about that, we'd love to hear from anyone who knows anything we might not of the history of the house. Also being a wee bit out of the town we haven't met many folk yet so hello and thanks for a great website! Kind regards, Vickie

Message No 48a

Posted by Allison Sheilds

19th Oct 2006

Dear Vicki, I read recently that a Robert Borland, who owned a Threshing Mill, gave his address in 1908 as Flush.


Message No 47

Posted by Anonymous

28th Sept 2006

Is stewarton getting to big? who agrees? isnt it about time, that our shopping and entertainment etc within the town should be upgraded, instead of more and more and yet more housing!

Message No 47a

Posted by Gillian MacKenzie

3rd Oct 2006

Yes. I agree that Stewarton is getting really big. I also agree that it's time that we had a major upgrade in our facilities here. A bigger, more modern library, a swimming pool and a face lift to some of the buildings in the high street would be great. Kilmarnock gets all the benefit from our astronomically high council tax. When are we in Stewarton going to see the benefit of the council tax we pay? Do any of our local councillors KNOW that this website exists? It would make interesting reading for them!

Message No 47b

Posted by

4th Oct 2006

Last year conducted a petition for the reinstatement of weekly refuse collection which was handed over to the council, a few weeks later everyone who signed the petition received a letter from Councillor O'Neil explaining the councils position. A few months later on while being interviewed on Bonnet FM Councillor O'Neil again acknowledged the petition and other local issues which had been addressed by, however we have never been approached by any other councillors (or prospective councillors during the run up to the local elections).

Message No 47c

Posted by Anonymous

24th Oct 2006

councellor o'neil is from stewarton and can see the many changes and probably agrees withe majority in stewarton but 1 single councellor speaking up is like a needle in a hay stack. petitions dont work half the time for example the build of houses at the top of dalry road was objected by the people of stewarton on many occassions. local residents personally walked around doors getting petitions. at least 3 or 4 times if i recall, they didint work as the government can over rule them!


Message No 46

Posted by Anonymous

28th Sept 2006

Who owns the old crazy cuts shop in the high street, it went to spar then nisa, now its empty? the same with the old presto's. these shops that are empty in the town could be turned to good use for the community, keeping businesses, descent shops,jobs and money within the over expanding town.


Message No 45

Posted by Anonymous

24th Sept 2006



Message No 44

Posted by Peter McLean

24th Sept 2006

Armour+Mitchell: Iam researching my Gt. Gt.grandparents Andrew Armuor [Weaver] and Margaret Mitchell who married in Stewarton in December 1844 and had two sons John & Hugh and daughters Margaret & Marion who married Alexander Crosbie in 1872. In 1851 the family has split up with 15yr old Andrew living with Uncle Hugh Love & his wife Marion Scoular at 78 Main St. and John& sister Marion at 64 Bridgend witMother Margaret. Andrew snr. died between 1855 and 1861. Margaret lived on for many years. Would like to know where Andrew i& Margaret are buried. related names :Love Scoular, Purdie, McLean,Ferguson Sharp,Cowan , McLeave. Any help or suggestion greatly appreciated.

Message No 44a

Posted by Allison Sheilds

28th Sept 2006

Did you know that Stewarton Library holds a file of headstone inscriptions for the Parish Church graveyard? It was compiled around 1990 so is not comprehensive but it is a good starting point.


Message No 43

Posted by Gillian MacKenzie

23rd Sept 2006

I agree with the previous posts that there are too many kids hanging around Stewarton with nothing to do. However, many of them find plenty at the bottom of a bottle of buckie. I really don't think that having more for them to do will make any difference-I don't know if many of them really want anything to do. When I was their age I was not allowed to hang about streets and generally spent time with family and friends - visiting or having visitors. I think we expect our kids to amuse themselves from too young an age and family life is becoming thin on the ground. Kids grow up so fast now that all the fun stuff I used to do with my pals (singing in front of the mirror with a hair brush for a microphone) is deemed too naff by the time they are 12. Maybe we should be asking our local teens what they would like to do in Stewarton? By the way- even posh places like Newton Mearns have the same problem with kids hanging around and annoying people!


Message No 42

Posted by Mr Welshman

20th Sept 2006

Looking for an old friend, Sharon Jones. Moved back up to Stewarton from the green grass of Wales back in 2001.Have not spoken for 3 years. Want to know "how are you"?

No email address given


Message No 41

Posted by William Burney

18th Sept 2006

I have a grandfather clock which has the following on it's face: T THOMSON, STEWARTON. I cannot find out anything about the clockmaker, so if anyone could provide any information I would be very grateful. Many Thanks


Message No 40

Posted by Allison Sheilds

5th Sept 2006

During my researches into the history of Stewarton, the name Dr. John Cunningham keeps cropping up. Can anyone tell me when he lived and who were his ancestors. Similarly can anyone give me info. about Miss Cunningham-Watt who donated the land for our park. Thanks


Message No 38

Posted by Allison Sheilds

5th Sept 2006

Whilst carrying out research into the buildings of Stewarton, I came across a reference to "Springwell House" - a Wm Miller died there in 1894. Can anyone tell me the exact location of Springwell House and what it might have looked like? Would I be correct to assume that it was situated in the vicinity of Springwell Place?


Message No 37

Posted by

24th Aug 2006

Does anyone know or have a relative who can remember the Standalane railway bridge being extended from 2 to 3 tracks, the extension is the part of the bridge which is made from concrete and would have had an effect on Rose cottage as the embankment extension would also have claimed some of it's garden. Any information or old photos would be greatly appreciated (Remember bonnet guild parades have always went through the bridge)
Many Thanks, Mark


Message No 36

Posted by Irene Richmond

24th Aug 2006

I'm Researching the Browning family tree In Stewarton area and would like to know if anyone has any information on the following. My great grandfather George Browning married Jane Taylor 13th. December 1851 in Stewarton. They had a son George Browning Jnr. born in Stewarton. They moved to Glasgow. Please contact me if anyone knows how I can find out more information. Thank you


Message No 35

Posted by Liz O'Neill

12th Aug 2006

my partner sandy mcguinness was born and lived in stewarton till he moved away round about 1980 what i would like to find out is if anyone knows how to make the drink boston cream, sandy's mother made it for her family and he cannot remember how it was done. i am not sure if maybe this drink was a local recipe. PLEASE HELP, it would be a lovely surprise for sandy if i got it. Thank You.


Message No 34

Posted by W Fisher

21th July 2006

Can anyone give information to confirm or refute the family myth that a FISHER from Stewarton emigrated to Australia/Tasmania/New Zealand long ago and who became (in)famous for something. If there are any details it would be useful to know. Thanks


Message No 33

Posted by Ladonna Smith

20th July 2006

My family is planning to visit Stewarton to see the town where my husband's grandparents grew up and worked before emigrating to the US in 1923. We are most interested in finding information on the Congregational Church where the grandparents were said to have attended and were married. Also, does the town keep records of births, baptisms/christenings, deaths, etc.,? and if so, where might we find them? Thank you. Ladonna Smith, Wisconsin, USA

Message No 33a

Posted by Allison Sheilds

5th Sept 2006

Dear Ladonna, In the local library there is a folder containing a transcription of local graveyard inscriptions. This is very useful as many of the actual gravestones are too weathered to be legible nowadays. As far as births, marriages and deaths, the only source I am aware of is in Register House in Edinburgh or in the Registrar's Office, Park Circus, Glasgow. For both establishments it is necessary to book in advance and there is a fee payable. The Mitchell Library in Glasgow contains Census records for the West of Scotland. Accessing them is free and booking is not essential but may be advisable. To make optimum use of your time, it is probably best to use prior to your visit. This will give you references for the people you are interested in researching.


Message No 32

Posted by Ebeth McKenzie (nee Stuart)

19th July 2006

Have just visited your site for the first time and found it amazing, what fond memories it brings back. My husband Scott and I have been in Australia now for 24 years but I always love to go hame with our daughter Bethany. Hopefully in 2008 we will return for a holiday, all 3 of us. If anyone from home wishes to contact me, please feel free I would love to hear from you. Keep up the great work with the website, I will visit it regularly.


Message No 31

Posted by Roger Griffith

18th July 2006

I have noticed a number of STANDALANE cottages and farms in the Stewarton and Kilmaurs area. What does the name infer, other than the obvious? It looks as if the name was given in a set context. The Standalanes at Kilmaurs, Stewarton and Cunninghamhead stand near the railway, but that is probably co-incidence. Are they anyhting to do with the tollroads? Also, does anyone know how Canaan at Gill Mill came by its name.

Also, The Statistical Account - 1951 I think - mentions the Nairnshaw Estate in connection with High Cross farm. If you go to Wikipedia and type in Lambroughton you will find details of the Nairns of East Lambroughton and Chapletoun Terrace.


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