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Message No 30

Posted by Lorna

12th July 2006

My family and thinking about moving to Stewarton as we are looking for a wee place with a great community. My kids are 9 and 5 and we wondering if many kids stayed in the Bowes Rigg part of town and what the schools were like. If anyone can tell me a wee bit about family life in Stewarton I would be most grateful.


Message No 29

Posted by Unknown Boi

29th June 2006

get some leisure facilities 4 the kids im sick of them runin the streets get them sume fin tae dae rite


(Why doesn't the local authority arrange some leisure facilities for the local children, I'm sick of them running around the streets, they require something to keep them occupied, tally-hoe)


Message No 28

Posted by Debbie Fulton

27th June 2006

Hi I have just moved to Stewarton and wondered if any kind soul could help me find a mums and tots groupl? The website is great and so is this lovely village... I have been made to feel so very welcome, Thanks Debs


Message No 27

Posted by Bob Greenfield

25th June 2006

Can anyone give me any info. re Nether Auchentiber Farm. As far as I am aware it was farmed by William Steven around 1815 and later around 1870 by Alexander Ferguson and it is described as a 76 acre farm. Is this now Auchentiber Cottage which I believe was called "Hole". Any info. regarding this would be much appreciated. Regards, Bob.


Message No 26

Posted by Robbie Calderwood

20th June 2006

HI just a wee note about howie's grain mill, I served my time with howie's and spent a lot of years working at the mill with my mentor jim young, i left howie's in 1996 and was in the mill once in the last ten years, but on saturday i had the chance of a look about and inside the buildings, what a sad sight looking at the old place stripped out, we all had some great laughs working there, i will get some pictures of the place before it is demolished if anyone is interested. thanks


Message No 25

Posted by Heather Nicholson

15th June 2006

Can anyone post any information about the gym at the centre e.g times it is on etc. Unfortunately everytime I go or phone it seems to be closed. Thanks


Message No 24

Posted by Sharon Gibson

28th May 2006

I am looking for any information on registered charities in Stewarton. I would be very grateful for any feedback on this. Thank you.

Message No 24a

Posted by Allison Shields

18th Sept 2006

Dear Sharon, Just to let you know that Ayrshire Hospice is a charity which operates a lottery and there are members in Stewarton.


Message No 23

Posted by David M Pickens

18th May 2006

I have to tell you that I gleaned so much information from Stewarton's wonderful website, David M Pickens, President of the Clan Cunnigham Society of the United States


Message No 22

Posted by Jean Stewart

14th May 2006

Hi there, thought I would let you know that I just love the website of stewarton, I was raised in stewarton for 24 years I left to come to Canada I still come and visit stewarton as often as I can as my family still live there, keep up the good work.


Message No 21

Posted by Manuela Beyer

9th May 2006

Hi, I came to Stewarton about 15 years ago with the German football club HT16 when I lived in Hamburg. There were a friendship with Stewarton Annick FC, I now live in Rheinland Pfalz. I am looking to contact Eve McMullin and Campbell Wotherspoon. I've lost their phone numbers & addresses and would love to hear from them again.


Message No 20

Posted by Iain MacVicar

1st May 2006

Will we ever get a swimming pool and sports centre in stewarton? With all the new build going on surely we must be able to persuade the council (or builders) to provide one. Your thoughts would be appreciated. iain macvicar.


Message No 19

Posted by Margaret van Tassel (Neil)

1st May 2006

My name was Margaret Neil and I was born in Stewarton in my Grandparents house on Ravenscraig Road. Their name was Jimmy and Maggie McGregor. I live in Canada and would like to hear from any friends from Stewarton.


Message No 18

Posted by Brian (No Surname given)

20th Apr 2006

Has anyone seen or heard of Katherine Millar. I left stewarton about 10 years ago to head down south and have lost contact with her, she would be in her 30's by now..
Message No 18a

Posted by Jean Stewart

3rd May 2006

Hi, my name is Jean Stewart I was born in Stewarton in 1962, I came to Canada in 1986. I lived in Morton road just down the street from a Katherine Miller she also had a younger sister her parents still live in the same house in Morton road, if you would like the number please let me know .hope to hear from you

This thread is closed unless return email address provided


Message No 17

Posted by Alex Bulloch

5th Apr 2006

I am hoping that someone may be able to help me get started finding a long lost relative! My mother who now suffers from Alzheimer's, has asked me to find out about this man but she has lost much of her memory. I don’t have much information to go on but here is what I do know:

1, He was from the North of England and came to work as a young man in a mill in Stewarton, his arrival date is not known but he was there by the start of 1912
2, He rose up through the mill and became a manager
3, He married the daughter of the mill owner
4, He had an obituary in a big newspaper like the Glasgow Evening Times or Glasgow Herald when he died (date unknown).

If anyone knows the working mills in Stewarton at 1912 that would help a great deal as I cannot find this information.
I don’t have much to go on, but any information would be most gratefully received.
Many thanks! .


Message No 16

Posted by David Thomson

2nd Apr 2006

I was born in Bowes Rigg, Stewarton in December 1955. My mother's family were all Stewartonians - she was Helen Thomson nee Gillies and her sister was Elizabeth Gillies who taught at the school. Her mother was Mary Gillies nee Cameron and my great grandmother was Elizabeth Cameron nee Liddel (I thnk that's the right spelling). We left Stewarton in 1966 and moved to Jersey where my brother Andrew still lives. My sister, Marion Robson lives in Co. Durham. I am in Brunei and the family line continues through my two sons, Stuart and Fraser. We last visited the town in August 2000. Greetings to anyone who may have vague memories of me and the family. Pleased to hear from you if you do

Thank you for the website - the memories came flooding back. You can even see the house where I was born in one of the photos.


Message No 15

Posted by Frank Ward

15th Mar 2006

I am researching men from the Highlands who fought in te Spanish Civil War 1936-39. One of these was Frank Bain Mackay, DoB 9th Feb 1900. His place of origin was recorded as Stewarton, Inverness. However, there is/was no place of this name in Inverness and I wonder if it could be your own Stewarton? If anybody has any knowledge of this man or his surviving relatives I would be most pleased to hear from you Frank Ward, St Barrs, Dornoch, Sutherland Tel: 01862 811233.


Message No 14

Posted by Alison Shields

5th Mar 2006

I am interested in the old buildings of Stewarton.  The photos on the website help me get a feel for what is missing and also let me see what has changed.  Am still trying to find out when the Institute Hall was built. I now know it was modified in the 1860's and also around 1876. Someone told me that the ground floor was originally open and that market stalls were set up there.  Does anyone know more about the building.


Message No 13

Posted by Nancy Lawson

4th Mar 2006

I am the great grandaugher of James Stillie, of Stewarton born in 1879. Father was Robert Stillie (nee 1851) and Charles Stille Jr (1803) and Sr. I will be visiting Stewarton this March to try to locate the cemetary they were laid to rest. All I have is that they were buried in Stewarton, Parish. We have many limericks from James Stillie on Stewarton. He was a worker with Gabriel Dunlop who owned the Stewarton Cattle Dealers in the late 1800's. I look forward to seeing your great community and thank you for the pictures. They lived on Dean Street, so this will be one I will want to visit.

Thank you for your site. Nancy Lawson, Ontario, Canada


Message No 12

Posted by Mark McCaughran

28th Feb 2006

We are trying to trace any history or pictures of Lainshaw Mains Farm - can anyone help? There seems to be plenty available on Lainshaw House, but we would dearly like to get more information on the farmhouse itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Message No 11

Posted by Sally Plenderleith

28th Feb 2006

My husband and I left Stewarton in October 2004 to move to Australia before the housing development began opposite the Millhouse Hotel. We lived in a house behind the proposed development and were wondering if this was now finished and whether anyone had any photographs which could be posted onto the website or emailed to us directly please. We are curious as to how it all looks now.


Message No 10

Posted by Victoria Wilks

27th Feb 2006

Hi Could you please help me I am looking for a place where I can show my art work.  The art work is not of stewarton but I am looking for somewhere to show my pictures to see if anyone would like to buy them, also they need framed do you know anyone that could do this.

Any information would be most welcome.
Kind Regards, Victoria Wilks,


Message No 9

Posted by Willie Hamilton

26th Feb 2006

I'm a former pupil of Lainshaw Primary school and I am wondering if any one has a Pantomime tape of Aladdin from our school show I was in primary 7 1991/92 any info would be a great help.



Message No 8

Posted by Anne Ellis (Nee Calderwood Shaw)

8th Feb 2006

I was so pleased to discover your site. I found my Aunt May Shaw on the list of Dux pupils. Also the photo of Armour's Garage I know the place so well, as my Grandfather,s house was 72 High St. just across the street. I went to school in Stewarton in 1948 & still have a photo of my class. I will return to visit some day as I have so many memories of Stewarton. Marion Armour bought my Family's home Millbrae 72 High St. When my Aunt came to Canada. Thank you, Anne Ellis


Message No 7

Posted by Alan Shaw

4th Feb 2006

Just a quick note, to say how I love your site. It helps me keep in touch with my past. I left stewarton in 1982 to emigrate to Australia.

Gidday to all who remember me. Alan Shaw, Australia


Message No 6

Posted by Karen Kerr

1st Feb 2006

I'm researching the Kerr family tree in the Stewarton area and would like to know if anyone has any information on the following e.g. places/emigration/present whereabouts etc...from the 1901 census (Dairy Cottage, part of Blairmore Farm?) my great grandfather Ephraim Gairdner Kerr born 1862 (parents James Kerr and Isabella Black) married Mary Ann Walker born 1963 (parents James Walker and Jane Nairn) had children with approximate years of birth James 1887, Jane 1888, Isabella (Isa) 1890, Ephraim 1891, Arthur 1893, Madge 1895, John (Jack?) 1897, Robert 1899 and George 1900, Gairdner and Wallace. I think Ephraim and Jack went to Toronto, Canada but don't know when or how. Arthur married Chrissie? George married Betty? If you remember anything or know how I can find out more please contact me at


Message No 5a

Posted by Marion Gore (Waddell)

25th Jan 2006

I should be very interested to hear from anyone who remembers Mr W.B.Wadddell who was headmaster of Stewarton H G School between 1920-1946

Message No 5b

Posted by Margaret van Tassel (Neil)

1st May 2006

Dear Marion, I remember Mr Waddell very well he was headmaster when I went to school in Stewarton. I hope you get lots of e-mail about this very nice man. Marg Van Tassel


Message No 4a

Posted by Jan Tornatora

17th Jan 2006

Is there any way I could access data relating to farm areas Bloakhillhead, Kirkwood, Brae?
Does anyone have a contact for clan data perhaps specific to Stewarton.?
I have been researching Nairn surname and descendants originating from Stewarton,  I have researched early names as far as 1628. I am hoping to add relevant info on background of lives.

Kind Regards Jan Tornatora, Victoria, Australia


Message No 4b

Posted by Roger Griffith

17th June 2006

The Statistical Account - 1951 I think - mentions the Nairnshaw Estate in connection with High Cross farm. If you go to Wikipedia and type in Lambroughton you will find details of the Nairns of East Lambroughton and Chapletoun Terrace.


Message No 3

Posted by Roger Griffith

  July 2005

I have spent a fascinating hour on your site - the history section is unsurpassed and the railway section shows just how much has changed - how many folk remember what it was like?
I look forward to investigating further.


Message No 2

Posted by Hamilton G Laughland

  March 2005

Firstly, may I say how much I have enjoyed your websites.
I am presently reasearching the Stewarton Laughlands of whom I am a direct descendant.
I was hoping someone might be able to assist in helping me make contact with anyone in the town who can help with my research. I would be most grateful.

Hamilton G Laughland
Auckland, New Zealand


Message No 1

Posted by Grace Ferguson

 Jan 2005

Found your website and as my husband came from Stewarton he was very interested in all of it, but sorry there wasn't a sign my website page where other people from Stewarton has many things to say to people from home and abroad. My husbands name is Alex Ferguson and left to come to New Zealand in the 50's Not many people there would know him now.
Anyway this is just to say how much he enjoyed the website of his home town.
Message No 1a

Posted by Tina Fitzgerald (nee Stubbington)

22th Oct 2006

I lived next door to alex for 21yrs.He very nice.Hope he remembers me I was the youngest of my clan.

Message No 1b

Posted by Scott Ferguson

10th Nov 2006

Hi Grace! We have exchanged Ferguson lore by email. Thanks so much for the photo of the memorial stone - the best thing I have. Are there any other Fergusons still living in Stewarton related to that family?